Model on the northern line

Alex at Hunstanton

Model on the northern line

Doth the world desire you so my dear?
Bambi lashes
Porcelain pout
We the normal
We the just ok
Who’s eyes are drawn
To that perfect alien
Graceful in tatters
Holding the carriages attention
With that nonchalon look of
You are nothing
I have the company of princes and night club owners.
We have nothing in common
Behind these eyes
I think only in diamonds.

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Vinyl Compilation; Need Your Suggestions

OK, i’ve been talking about a Wonk compilation album on vinyl for a while now and it looks like it will actually come to fruition this year.Choosing the songs is a fucking nightmare though??? 4 songs from each album- Soooo hard.
Ok so Jap flag, we gotta have Mistake right? Streets of Soho? Train loony? Girlfriend is a lunatic is pretty classic no?

Trolleys Thank you- Los angeles? I just love the way? Back of the van? Guts?

Muffy- Donkey of the Damned? Horses? Plasterer? Tortured genius? Elbows?

Should we even have Racehorse songs on it (as this is our current album) or should we add some new ones?
This album is primarily for the American market. A good representation of all things Wonk. So we need some Racehorse tracks right? Lewisham? Nan? Kings road? Go easy?
Fuck, it’s too hard.
16 songs. The definitive Wonk!
4 from each album?
Suggestions (again) please.( i know we’ve been here before) – Head over to our Facebook page to make your suggestions.

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A Long Fun Weekend; 4 Wonk Gigs

Wonk Unit Playing outdoors

Alex in a Field4 gigs in one weekend!! Owl sanctuary, fish finger arm chair gig, steamboat Ipswich, and Malcfest.. Dan, Paul,Rob and Ben we love you! Thanks for being lovely brilliant Wonkers.

Everyone we met on our travels this weekend, we salute you! What fun we had!! Thank you for making us feel special and loved!
I can only apologize for Keef and his riot inducing behaviour at the steamboat in Ippo!
Benny boy put on the raddest all dayer with the nicest crowd. Full on lovely heads.
Why did you go and ruin it all by listening to Keef’s hatefully detructive rants!!
Punk rocks shows are not for bopping and having fun!!!
I warn everyone in future- just because Keef tells you all to fuck the soundman in the ear because he isn’t doing his job, doesn’t mean you all have to get your minkys and binkys out and milk yourself over the poor miserable souls eyes!
He was blinded in semen and vinegar!!
Ippo was my fav show this weekend Wilko! Thank you. I’m really sorry the Steamboat put you in such an uncomfortable situation.
Best weekend!! Owl Sanctuary – Amazing!! Fish Finger – delightful! Ippo- Christ has risen!!! Malcfest- Wonderful!!!
Abs!! Thank you for driving us and getting us all home safe!! The best!!!

You are all wonderful!!!
I have nothing but love for humanity!!

Alex xxxx


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Another Nervous Racehorse Review

Nervous Racehorse

Yet another great review for the 4th studio album – the love keeps coming!

From: http://www.scannerzine.com/topsoundsw2012.htm.  Get your copy in our shop.

  • WONK UNIT – Nervous Racehorse {TNS} First off, the cover of this album is appalling. Secondly, the music on this album is superb! I don’t think I’ll hear such an eclectic record all year and I am positive if I do, it won’t magically gel together as well as this. This is the band’s fourth album by all accounts and I constantly heard echoes of THE ‘TONE’s greatness if mixed with a bit of CONSUMED and SNUFF. Highlights are many – be it ‘Lewisham’ that emphasises THE ‘TONE vibe better than anything, the ska-esque vibe of ‘There’s Me’, the early WIRE/ BUZZCOCKS groove and monotone vocal delivery of ‘Kings Road Sporting Heroes’, ‘The Blonde’ which is seemingly propelled by the best riff MINISTRY never wrote while ‘Heroin’ leaps from a repetitive riff monster, to acoustic folk song, to Pop-Punk gem in the matter of two minutes and then does it all again! A very original band but one where the sum of all its parts really works well. Great vocalist (who used to be in the FLYING MEDALLIONS) also – poetic yet cheeky. An album (15 tracks) that has been confusing and warping the House of Scanner beyond comprehension of late – and it gets better with each listen. (21.08.14)scannerzine.com
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FREE Wonk Unit EP on Bandcamp

Little Lord EP Wonk Unit

You lovely lucky people, Daddy Wonk has just uploaded a brand new eight track raw n fun EP onto bandcamp, and even better, it’s TOTALLY FREE TO DOWNLOAD.   Get to it Wonkers!

Or listen to it here!




1. Take me out to dinner 00:58
2. Rambo 02:30
3. We came 02:00
4. Can I say that I am sorry 01:25
5. She cut her finger 01:15
6. Hermitage Road 02:22
7. Tortured genius 02:02
8. I like children with glasses 01:05

Wonk Unit - Littlelord EP - Littlelord EP BACK COVER

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Cambridge you lovely swan eating darlings!!!

Yes Cambridge you lovely swan eating darlings!!! We love you! xx

Mission to Cambridge completed.

Saturday 2nd August 2014 at The Portland Arms.
4pm – 5:30pm Ukulele Workshop (see separate event for full details).

7:10 – 7:35 Beverley Kills
7:50 -8:15 Born To Destruct
8:30- 8:55 Freedom Faction
9:10 – 9:50 Wonk Unit
10:10 – 11:00: The Pukes

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wonkfest 2014

July 26th, Hundreds of punks flock to the The Grosvenor in it’s last weekend 🙁 for another historic day and night of good times.  Bands, mayhem, buffet and good times were shared by all.

10.00 – WONK UNIT
4.10 – JAKAL
2.50 – MAID OF ACE
1.30 – WACO

Thank you!  

My brain is fried but that was just the craziest fun day ever!!

All the bands, John and all the staff at the Grosvenor, Mark Richards and Julian Wallinger for filming, Dee for doing an amazing job with sound all day, Georgie Boy, Orange Juice and Lucy for stage and door management, man, you lot are all so brill and lovely!! Fuckin hell, and all our buffet monitors!!! OMG!! Wonk Cake creators and general wonderful people Clare Corbett with loving husband in tow Big Albo!!! I love you all!! Biggest bunch of Wonkers i know youz lot are!! Every band just blasted it! Totally fucking destroyed!!!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

All my lovely crazy friends that traveled down and brought food and smashed themselves to pieces and are just the best people!! You don’t know how honoured you make me feel! Thank you all for a brilliant day!!! I love you all millions!!! xxxx

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New Website Coming…

Wonk need YOU

Well obviously the new Wonk Website is coming, cause you’re reading this!

So in a kinda surreal time-travel paradox, we can announce that THIS new website is being created by Web supremo, part time darts journalist, and obviously Wonk Unit fan, Krispy Brown.  We could go on singing his praises, but as it’s actually Krispy writing this, it would be a sad thing to do.

This new official site should be the new hub of all things Wonk, along with the well followed Facebook Page.

So bookmark, and bet good to each other, seeya soon, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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