Wonkfest 4 Tomorrow!

Wow!! Kinda crazy to think that this years Wonkfest is TOMORROW!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!! So looking forward to seeing everyone. This line up and it’s friends are the future of UK punk. Our scene is so special, so loving, so unified. Tomorrow is going to be BUSY! Let’s all come together, leave our worries at the door and make it the most inclusive, welcoming, friendliest gig we’ve ever been to. WONKFAM – LET’S GO!!! XXXXX

Yep kids it’s Wonkfest 4 tomorrow, when 30 bands and tons of lovely punks head to the Dome in Tufnell Park (2 Dartmouth Park Hill, NW5 1HL London, United Kingdom).  There will be some tickets on the door, £20, doors open 11am, first band 11.35.. FREE BBQ most of the afternoon, also the famous BUFFET (Please bring along some ‘picnic’ style food to add to the buffet!).


Nosebleed 11.35 – 11.55 down
Werecats 12 – 12.20 up
Crashmats 12.25 – 12.45 down
Muertos 12.50 – 1.10 up
Uber yoo 1.15 – 135 down
Mummy 1.40 -2 up
The Apostates 2.05 – 2.25 down
Riggots 2.30 – 2.50 up
The Dead Class 2.55 – 3.15 down
Damger!man 3.20 – 3.40 up
The Franceens 3.45 – 4.05 down
Nova Twins 4.10 – 4.30 up
Spoilers 4.35 – 4.55 down
Faintest Idea 5 – 5.20 up
Midway Still 5.25 – 5.45 down
ROTPM 5.50 – 6.10 up
2 peas 6.15 – 6.35 down
Mystified 6.40 – 7 up
Ducking Punches 7.05 – 7.25 down
Pizza Tramp 7.30 – 7.50 up
Ming City Rockers 7.55 – 8.15 down
Bangers 8.20 – 8.40 up
Bad Breeding 8.45 – 9.05 down
The Murderburgers 9.05 – 9.25 up
The Restarts 9.30 – 9.50 down
The Roughneck riot 9.55 – 10.15 up
Consumed 10.20 – 10.40 down
Wonk Unit 10.45 – End up


Bring tins / dried stuff for the foodbank please!

Bring tins / dried stuff for the foodbank please!

Screen Printing

Ok, below is the official art for our free live print this year!! Bring light coloured shirts (preferably white or pastels) and Leon will be doing his rad air cured print again! I’ll be supplying white shirts for the first 100 advance ticket holders through the door. Leon will only have limited time so i can’t really offer any more than that! Sorry! Is 100 enough anyway? Let me know. Also, sizes!! xx

wonk fest tshirt design

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Busy…. I’ll Show you Fucking BUSY!

Watcha Wonkers!

Just a quick update to say WONK UNIT ARE BUSY!   Touring touring touring!

We’re taking our sex moves to AMERICA very soon, and then joining those sexy boys SLAVES on their UK tour.  Lovely stuff.

10/22 Dayton, OH @ Bind Bobs

10/23 Lexington, KY @ Best Friend Bar

10/24 Huntsville, AL @ The Palace

10/25 Tampa, FL @ TBA

10/26 Orlando, FL @ Will’s Pub

10/27 St. Augustine, FL @ Shanghai Nobbys

10/28 Chattanooga, TN @ Sluggos

10/29 Atlanta, GA @ 529

10/30 Gainesville, FL @ FEST
10/31 Gainesville, FL @ FEST
11/01 Gainesville, FL @ FEST

11/02 Charleston, SC @ The Tin Roof

11/03 New Castle, DE @ Main Manor

11/04 Washington, DC @ Cafe St. Ex

11/05 Trenton, NJ @ Millhill Basement

11/06 Long Island, NY @ Amityville Music Hall

11/07 Philadelphia, PA @ LAVA

14th Bristol with Slaves
15th Cardif with Slaves
16th Portsmouth with Slaves
18th Norwich with slaves
19th Glasgow with slaves
20th Newcastle with Slaves
21st Manchester with Slaves
23rd Leeds with Slaves
24th Liverpool with Slaves
25th Wolverhampton with Slaves
27th London with Slaves

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I have a million gigs!!! So sick!!
7th Leeds
8TH rebellion festival
9TH London Camden Underworld with TBr
10th Derby- Venue with Off with their heads and Teenage Bottlerocket
11th Manchester with TBR
12th Grimsby – Yardbirds With TBR
13th Wolverhampton Slade Rooms with TBR
15th Southampton Joiners with Teenage Bottlerocket
16th Bristol Exchange with TBR
17th Norwich With TBR
19th Swansea with Teenage Bottle Rocket
21st Glasgow Audio with TBR

28th Plymouth Junction
29th 3 chords fest

4th Maidens Head Canterbury
5th Fordham Park Festival in Deptford south london
11th Portsmouth
12th Aldershot – Westend centre
19th St Helens With Flat back 4 and Vermin Suicides
25th Hastings Acoustic set for photo exhibit

4rd High Wycombe
10/22 Dayton
10/23 Lexington
10/24 Huntsville
10/25 St. Petersberg/Tampa
10/26 Orlando
10/27 St. Augustine
10/28 Chattanooga
10/29 Atlanta
10/30 Gainesville
10/31 Gainesville


11/01 Gainesville
11/02 Charleston
11/03 Richmond
11/04 Washington DC
11/05 New York
11/06 Long Island
11/07 Pitsburgh

14th Bristol with Slaves
15th Cardif with Slaves
16th Portsmouth with Slaves
18th Norwich with slaves
19th Glasgow with slaves
20th Newcastle with Slaves
21st Manchester with Slaves
23rd Leeds with Slaves
24th Liverpool with Slaves
25th Wolverhampton with Slaves
27th London with Slaves


11th G’s Birtrhday bash High Wycombe
12th Liverpool
19th Fighting Cocks Kingston
9th Cambridge Portland Arms

30th Sheffield

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A Long Fun Weekend; 4 Wonk Gigs

Wonk Unit Playing outdoors

Alex in a Field4 gigs in one weekend!! Owl sanctuary, fish finger arm chair gig, steamboat Ipswich, and Malcfest.. Dan, Paul,Rob and Ben we love you! Thanks for being lovely brilliant Wonkers.

Everyone we met on our travels this weekend, we salute you! What fun we had!! Thank you for making us feel special and loved!
I can only apologize for Keef and his riot inducing behaviour at the steamboat in Ippo!
Benny boy put on the raddest all dayer with the nicest crowd. Full on lovely heads.
Why did you go and ruin it all by listening to Keef’s hatefully detructive rants!!
Punk rocks shows are not for bopping and having fun!!!
I warn everyone in future- just because Keef tells you all to fuck the soundman in the ear because he isn’t doing his job, doesn’t mean you all have to get your minkys and binkys out and milk yourself over the poor miserable souls eyes!
He was blinded in semen and vinegar!!
Ippo was my fav show this weekend Wilko! Thank you. I’m really sorry the Steamboat put you in such an uncomfortable situation.
Best weekend!! Owl Sanctuary – Amazing!! Fish Finger – delightful! Ippo- Christ has risen!!! Malcfest- Wonderful!!!
Abs!! Thank you for driving us and getting us all home safe!! The best!!!

You are all wonderful!!!
I have nothing but love for humanity!!

Alex xxxx


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