Praise for Terror

Wonk Unit Terror

“it’s the dog’s bollocks, but you probably guessed that anyway” – Mass Movement

“their most consistent album yet.” – Louderthanwar

“this release might just be one of the best 2018 has on offer.” – Vulturehound

“Wonk Unit might just be on the very cusp of tapping into its most fertile area.” – The Soundboard

“the finest DIY punk again meets bitter black humor” – Bierschinken

“this is an album that really should be sitting amongst your collection come release day.” – The Punk Site

“this record is so close to perfect, that this whole album needs to be heard.” – Thinking Lyrically

“by far the best thing Wonk Unit have done” – Apathy And Exhaustion

“They’re the working man’s punk. Grotty. Witty. Perfect.” – Punktastic

“A beautiful album that everyone should own, who likes black humor and fast punk rock with ska elements.” – Away From Life

“Wonk Unit may just have released one of the finest albums of 2018.” – Original Rock

“It gets better with every listen.” – Punk Vinyl Archive

“Buy this record: you won’t regret it.” – Uber Rock

“this is a band at the top of their game” – With Just A Hint Of Mayhem

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Gig Review; With Slaves @ UEA

A sound review of the might Wonk – oh and some obviously nice words about those silly Slaves Chaps.


“It’s my first time seeing Wonk Unit tonight, who come over as a kind of Sleaford Mods meet Goldie Lookin’ Chain. Looking like they just stepped out of some grim estate, which perhaps they have, they’re funny as hell and full of personality. But what’s great about this band are not only are they hilarious, they’re also clever and make incredible punk music. We all immediately fall in love with tracks like Nan, King’s Road Sporting Heroes, Elbows, Horses (allegedly horses were “invented by Lady Diana up in heaven”) and She Cut Her Finger.  Lead singer Alex Wonk is hugely entertaining, and incredibly confident, the kind of guy you wish was your real life buddy. With tonnes of energy and fun going on in the crowd, I see several people singing along to the songs which are often not longer than a minute long. It’s sharp, it’s sweary, it’s fond…it’s very British. They’re clearly spent many years playing in small venues but having a fucking wonderful time doing so…I feel their moment may just be coming along. Nice one, Wonkers. You have a new friend in me.”

– See more at: http://www.outlineonline.co.uk/music/live-reviews/slaves-uea

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Review; Feel the Wonkness

Alex at Spoilers launch

This is the craziest fucked up review we’ve ever had!! I love it! hahaha Cheers Chris Roob! You are bonkers!! xxxxxx  – Alex

Read the words;  http://www.fortheloveofpunk.com/review-wonk-unit-feel-wonkness/

The Wonk Unit blew me away with their album. It is creative, fast, loud, and diverse. They experiment and take risks with their sound, but for good cause because it all sounds phenomenal.

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Review of Our 1st Rebellion Appearance

Wonk Unit at Rebellion

We opened Saturday at Rebellion in Blackpool – and a great time was had by all…

Written by Dom Daley & Johnny H   

“First stop today is the must see Wonk Unit and the sharp as a tack lyrical observations of Alex Johnson and the ever changing line up of misfits he has gathered around him, but damn do they make a fantastic noise. Barely gone midday and the Casbah is rockin’ to the sounds of ‘You Married A Tortured Genius’, ‘Nan’, ‘Lewisham’ and ‘Donkey Of The Damned’. Alex shares a few poetic moments with the audience and has many in stitches as he explains where songs like ‘Lewisham’ come from. ‘Go Easy’ is breath-taking and ferocious and the sublime ‘Kings Road Sporting Heroes’ really is the perfect song for this festival. The ‘Nervous Racehorse’ heavy set is really cutting the mustard and Saturday is off to an early high as ‘Johnny Rambo’ closes another superb set from the mighty Wonk Unit.”

Read the full gig review here; http://www.uberrock.co.uk/gig-reviews/12-august-gigs/15443-rebellion-festival-2015-blackpool-winter-gardens-8th-a-9th-august-2015.html


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Another Nervous Racehorse Review

Nervous Racehorse

Yet another great review for the 4th studio album – the love keeps coming!

From: http://www.scannerzine.com/topsoundsw2012.htm.  Get your copy in our shop.

  • WONK UNIT – Nervous Racehorse {TNS} First off, the cover of this album is appalling. Secondly, the music on this album is superb! I don’t think I’ll hear such an eclectic record all year and I am positive if I do, it won’t magically gel together as well as this. This is the band’s fourth album by all accounts and I constantly heard echoes of THE ‘TONE’s greatness if mixed with a bit of CONSUMED and SNUFF. Highlights are many – be it ‘Lewisham’ that emphasises THE ‘TONE vibe better than anything, the ska-esque vibe of ‘There’s Me’, the early WIRE/ BUZZCOCKS groove and monotone vocal delivery of ‘Kings Road Sporting Heroes’, ‘The Blonde’ which is seemingly propelled by the best riff MINISTRY never wrote while ‘Heroin’ leaps from a repetitive riff monster, to acoustic folk song, to Pop-Punk gem in the matter of two minutes and then does it all again! A very original band but one where the sum of all its parts really works well. Great vocalist (who used to be in the FLYING MEDALLIONS) also – poetic yet cheeky. An album (15 tracks) that has been confusing and warping the House of Scanner beyond comprehension of late – and it gets better with each listen. (21.08.14)scannerzine.com
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