Gig Review; With Slaves @ UEA

A sound review of the might Wonk – oh and some obviously nice words about those silly Slaves Chaps.


“It’s my first time seeing Wonk Unit tonight, who come over as a kind of Sleaford Mods meet Goldie Lookin’ Chain. Looking like they just stepped out of some grim estate, which perhaps they have, they’re funny as hell and full of personality. But what’s great about this band are not only are they hilarious, they’re also clever and make incredible punk music. We all immediately fall in love with tracks like Nan, King’s Road Sporting Heroes, Elbows, Horses (allegedly horses were “invented by Lady Diana up in heaven”) and She Cut Her Finger.  Lead singer Alex Wonk is hugely entertaining, and incredibly confident, the kind of guy you wish was your real life buddy. With tonnes of energy and fun going on in the crowd, I see several people singing along to the songs which are often not longer than a minute long. It’s sharp, it’s sweary, it’s fond…it’s very British. They’re clearly spent many years playing in small venues but having a fucking wonderful time doing so…I feel their moment may just be coming along. Nice one, Wonkers. You have a new friend in me.”

– See more at: http://www.outlineonline.co.uk/music/live-reviews/slaves-uea

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