The Thickest Skin

The Thickest Skin

I survived everything that the world could throw at me.

Lost a few teeth, broken the limbs, lost loved ones and family

But I have the thickest skin and the walls go up again, I’ve spent my whole life disappearing.

Take my body, leave me for dead, cup of tea, climb into bed.

Cuts and bruises, worn the shame, lines get blurred who to blame.

For I shall be accountable for I am no fallen angel.

Pick myself up off the floor, for I am a survivor.


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Wonkender this weekend. A few tickets left! Get in quick folks xxx

Triangle Café & Bar 

13 Harmony Place, Copperas Street, London, United Kingdom Tel : 020 8692 8471


Fri April 12th 2024 Wonkender DAY 1 Wonk Unit performing terror / nervous racehorse Doors 7pm Stage 8pm

Sat April 13th 2024 Wonkender DAY 2 Wonk Unit performing mr splashy / trolleys thank you Doors 7pm Stage 8pm (THIS DAY HAS SOLD OUT, THERE MAY BE LIMITED TICKETS ON DOOR)

Sun April 14th 2024 Wonkender DAY 3 (FINAL DAY) Wonk Unit performing wonk fam requests! Doors 4pm Stage 5pm

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Wonk are on fire, without question the strongest line up of musicians and silliest bunch of assholes ever. We all want this, everyone is pulling in the same direction these days. Touring is a joy. I live vicariously through “the kids”, drummer Max and Vezzy. Looking back, the turning point for Wonk was when these joined 4 odd years ago. I’ve watched the pair of them grow every fuckin gig into the bad ass professional musicians they are today. Max should be session drumming, i promise you he won’t disappoint if you use him for recording. I am so proud of Vezzy. Her songwriting makes me sick it’s so good, like, i wish I’d written those songs. Our voices work soooo well together, she makes me sound like am angel which makes me very happy.
We have TWO guitars now!!! AJ is that reliable foundation that creats the rhythmic wall and Ryan is so totally insane, like TOTALLY INSANE on guitar that i burst out laughing at the absurdity of his genius most gigs.
Then there’s that old reliable workhouse, my bestest, most cherished silly friend Pwosion. As long as that dusty bin keeps turning up to gigs then i’ll keep smiling. The James Bond of punk rock, the secret agent, the funniest most beautiful soul in the history of punk rock.
I love you all guys. Thanks for doing this journey with me, i know I’m bonkers but I’m pretty sure we have the bestest fun ever right?
Then there’s YOU, our fam. Without you we are nothing. You’re continued support of my fucked up life is NEVER taken for granted. I genuinely love you and thank you with all my heart.


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Back in Form in 2022

Wonk Unit 2022

My fuckin head is still working!!!!!
Truely amazing to feel human again. Guess what? I’VE FINISHED THE MERCH!!!!!! HOOOORAY!!!

The post office won’t have to see my apologetic face every day for a while!!!

Thank you all for being patient. Time to move forward, gotta get the webshop updated, there’s some sick stuff I haven’t been able to put up until I’d cleared the backlog of orders caused by Uncle Daddy arriving over 6 months late and stuff out of my control in my home life.

I’ve done a big interview with Jugs on his Spotify Podcast, take a listen here.

Also, LOOK AT THESE DATES!!!!! There’s another tour in June we are waiting on announcing with some American Friends yay.

Lastly, SUPER STOKED to be coming to Ireland next week. Yesterday’s drama got sorted!!! Love you all soooo much. Alex x

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Wonkfest 2022 is ON!

Wonkfest - London's DIY Punk Fest

Wonkfam rejoice, for Wonkfest, London’s biggest and best DIY Punk festival returns in 2022 after the dark days of the pandemic.

Get the date in your dairy; Saturday 30th July 2022.

It’s Wonkfest, it’s happening, it’s changing.
Our next installment sees us going back to our roots, focusing on friendship, happiness and fun.
We’ll be upping the buffet, upping the sweets, upping the live screen print, upping the craziness, upping all the trimmings.
This is about every party you went to and wished you’d had a snog on the cricket square. This is about every party you went to and came home with a load of new mates.
Let’s leave our troubles at the door and have a bounce to a load of wicked bands. Let’s grow this as the year plays out x

Get your tickets on See Tickets

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New Album ready for pre-orders!

Uncle daddy album preorder

WONK FAM! Great news in these lockdown times… WONK UNIT have been busy recording a new album for your lucky ears. “Uncle Daddy” will be coming Spring 2021…

GET YOUR COPY PRE-ORDERED from our lovely shop. £15 plus postage. Full of punk rock bangers.

We’ve released one of the tracks from the album, STRENGTH, which has a lovely video from our mate Mark Richards;


We hope to see you all soon – back in sweaty venues with plenty of hugs and love. And of course SEXY HOT DANCING!

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Wonk Unit’s return to Punk-rock home turf with ‘Strength’- the latest release from upcoming album Uncle Daddy.

It’s all about having strength through those difficult times- and hopefully we’re stronger than ever, with a fresh line up currently in the studio ahead of a European tour next year.

The video for Strength was filmed in Alex’s own backyard skate bowl.
It features some of the most exciting young skaters currently shredding London & the South East.


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Wonk Tour with Less Than Jake

Wonk Unit Germany tour with less than jake 2020

These are gonna be brilliant! Wonk touring with Less Than Jake this October in German. Have heard the Jake and their fam are a fun bunch so these’ll be next level gigs!! So stoked! Thanks to Destiny Tourbooking for the opportunity xxxx

17.10. DE Cologne – Live Music Hall
18.10. DE Wiesbaden – Schlachthof Wiesbaden
20.10. DE Nuremberg – Z-Bau
21.10. DE Munich – Backstage München
22.10. DE Leipzig – Felsenkeller Leipzig
23.10. DE Hamburg – Gruenspan
24.10. DE Hanover – Kulturzentrum Faust
25.10. DE Berlin – SO36 +

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New Summertime Video Previews at Vive le Rock

Summertime Video by Wonk Unit

‘Summertime’ b/w ‘You’re Sick’ is being released as a digital or signed and numbered limited edition 7″ single on 29 May. It’s available to pre-order here.

Wonk have teamed up once again with our very good mate and visual genious Mark Richards to make a sexy video! Those lovely people at Vive le Rock have premiered it to the world, and let Vez explain the song and what’s behind it all.

“We had an urge to put out something sexy with a big beat, something that would simultaneously work at a club but also as a punk song. ‘Summertime’ is supposed to be a sexy song whilst also being an observation of the way sexiness is harnessed in music.”

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Wonkfest 8 Cancelled

wonkfest 8 cancelled

Morning everyone. Ok so here’s the bad news, I gotta pull this years Wonkfest. I’m really really sorry. As you know, Wonkfest is a representation of Wonk Unit’s year, the bands we meet on our travels. Obviously a lot of our travels have been cancelled so meeting bands and arranging the line up hasn’t happened as in the past. About a quarter of our planned line up were due to be in Europe for festival season, not anymore. Everyone is in the same boat with their tours being cancelled. I’m so sorry folks. Tickets will be valid at next years Wonkfest or refunds available from Seetickets. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to message me on Facebook. Alex xxx

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Say no to Sweat Shops!

Alex Wonk says no to sweatshops

Love J and the No Sweat family. Been doing their bit to make the world a better place since Wonk started.

I’m in no position to preach here, I skate Nike SB and print the majority of our tees on Gildan. However, whenever possible we do use shirts supplied by Punk Ethics and Wonkfest merch is printed exclusively on their ethically sources threads.

Aint a major ballache and genuinely every shirt does make a difference.

Alex x

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