See Wonk Unit Perform At

Würzburg, Germany


November 30th 2023

Chiasso, Switzerland

Murrayfield Pub

December 1st 2023

Verona, Italy


December 2nd 2023

Milan, Italy


December 3rd 2023

Zürich, Switzerland

Werk 2 Dynamo

December 4th 2023

München, Germany

Unter Deck

December 5th 2023

Regensburg, Germany

Alte Mälzerei

December 6th 2023

Leipzig, Germany


December 7th 2023

Frankfurt, Germany


December 8th 2023

Aalst, Belgium


December 9th 2023

Neunkirchen, Germany

Stummsche Reithalle

February 1st 2024

Kalkar, Germany

Scooterist Meltdown

February 2nd 2024

Bonn, Germany


February 4th 2024

Namur, Germany

Le Petit Bitu

February 5th 2024


Bodega Social

February 17th 2024


NORTH WEST CALLING Manchester Academy

June 1st 2024


  • The Exploited
  • Buzzcocks
  • Cockney Rejects
  • The Rezillos
  • Anti Nowhere League
  • Resistance 77
  • Gimp Fist
  • Crashed Out
  • Wonk Unit
  • Voodoo Radio

Wonk are on fire, without question the strongest line up of musician s and silliest bunch of assholes ever. We all want this, everyone is pulling in the same direction these days. Touring is a joy. I live vicariously through “the kids”, drummer Max and Vezzy. Looking back, the turning point for Wonk was when these joined 4 odd years ago. I’ve watched the pair of them grow every fuckin gig into the bad ass professional musicians they are today. Max should be session drumming, i promise you he won’t disappoint if you use him for recording. I am so proud of Vezzy. Her songwriting makes me sick it’s so good, like, i wish I’d written those songs. Our voices work soooo well together, she makes me sound like am angel which makes me very happy.
We have TWO guitars now!!! AJ is my behind the scenes rock and skateboard buddy, that reliable foundation that creats the solid rhythmic wall and Ryan is so totally insane, like TOTALLY INSANE on guitar that i burst out laughing at the absurdity of his genius most gigs.
Then there’s that old reliable workhouse, my bestest, most cherished silly friend Pwosion. As long as that dusty bin keeps turning up to gigs then i’ll keep smiling. The James Bond of punk rock, the secret agent, the funniest most beautiful soul in the history of punk rock.
I love you all guys. Thanks for doing this journey with me, i know I’m bonkers but I’m pretty sure we have the bestest fun ever right?
Then there’s YOU, our fam. Without you we are nothing. You’re continued support of my fucked up life is NEVER taken for granted. I genuinely love you and thank you with all my heart.

Alex xx

UK gig proposals now handled by Ollie; email [email protected] –

For Mainland Europe email Sandra  

Sandra Billig – [email protected]


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