Praise for Terror

Wonk Unit Terror

“it’s the dog’s bollocks, but you probably guessed that anyway” – Mass Movement

“their most consistent album yet.” – Louderthanwar

“this release might just be one of the best 2018 has on offer.” – Vulturehound

“Wonk Unit might just be on the very cusp of tapping into its most fertile area.” – The Soundboard

“the finest DIY punk again meets bitter black humor” – Bierschinken

“this is an album that really should be sitting amongst your collection come release day.” – The Punk Site

“this record is so close to perfect, that this whole album needs to be heard.” – Thinking Lyrically

“by far the best thing Wonk Unit have done” – Apathy And Exhaustion

“They’re the working man’s punk. Grotty. Witty. Perfect.” – Punktastic

“A beautiful album that everyone should own, who likes black humor and fast punk rock with ska elements.” – Away From Life

“Wonk Unit may just have released one of the finest albums of 2018.” – Original Rock

“It gets better with every listen.” – Punk Vinyl Archive

“Buy this record: you won’t regret it.” – Uber Rock

“this is a band at the top of their game” – With Just A Hint Of Mayhem

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Another Nervous Racehorse Review

Nervous Racehorse

Yet another great review for the 4th studio album – the love keeps coming!

From: http://www.scannerzine.com/topsoundsw2012.htm.  Get your copy in our shop.

  • WONK UNIT – Nervous Racehorse {TNS} First off, the cover of this album is appalling. Secondly, the music on this album is superb! I don’t think I’ll hear such an eclectic record all year and I am positive if I do, it won’t magically gel together as well as this. This is the band’s fourth album by all accounts and I constantly heard echoes of THE ‘TONE’s greatness if mixed with a bit of CONSUMED and SNUFF. Highlights are many – be it ‘Lewisham’ that emphasises THE ‘TONE vibe better than anything, the ska-esque vibe of ‘There’s Me’, the early WIRE/ BUZZCOCKS groove and monotone vocal delivery of ‘Kings Road Sporting Heroes’, ‘The Blonde’ which is seemingly propelled by the best riff MINISTRY never wrote while ‘Heroin’ leaps from a repetitive riff monster, to acoustic folk song, to Pop-Punk gem in the matter of two minutes and then does it all again! A very original band but one where the sum of all its parts really works well. Great vocalist (who used to be in the FLYING MEDALLIONS) also – poetic yet cheeky. An album (15 tracks) that has been confusing and warping the House of Scanner beyond comprehension of late – and it gets better with each listen. (21.08.14)scannerzine.com
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