Review; Feel the Wonkness

Alex at Spoilers launch

This is the craziest fucked up review we’ve ever had!! I love it! hahaha Cheers Chris Roob! You are bonkers!! xxxxxx  – Alex

Read the words;  http://www.fortheloveofpunk.com/review-wonk-unit-feel-wonkness/

The Wonk Unit blew me away with their album. It is creative, fast, loud, and diverse. They experiment and take risks with their sound, but for good cause because it all sounds phenomenal.

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New Album 17th June… Streaming NOW!

Feel the Wonkness cover

Wonk Unit are soon to release their first ever full length album on vinyl; “Feel The Wonkness”.

The record, which releases on July 17, is compilation of material from throughout their career. Curated by Alex Wonk, Drunken Sailor Records, and Johanns Face Records (releasing the album digitally), it picks songs from across their catalog.

YOU CAN STREAM THE ALBUM RIGHT NOW FOR FREE: Check it out on Scene Point Blank.

Remember you can come and party with Wonk at this month’s WONKFEST 2015, on July 25 at Tufnell Park in London.

We’re also doing our first USA TOUR later this year, including the MASSIVE “The Fest” in Gainesville, FL. [more info]

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