Mr Splashy Tour Underway!


The last 4 nights have been WICKED!!! Start of the UK tour muthafuckers!!! Yes mate!!!! Already hung out with about a millon of our buddiez!!! Pie Race last night was KILLER!! Showing my ages though, that mosh pit looked brutal at times! hahahaha Loved our mellow dancing in between the thrashers though! Thanks for indulging this knackered old man!!

Amazingly we now have a few days off! YES!!! Back out again Friday for the Nottingham showdown! Let’s do it!

Thanks again everyone! Brilliant positive fun times!! Grab advanced tickets for the tour if you can, every gig has been heaving.Don’t wanna dissapoint anyone on the night if ya can’t get in x

Love from your friends Wonk Unit xx

p.s. Krispy here, the Wonk Web man.  I’ve got Wonk playing for us (The Scary Clown Presents…) in Stamford on the 9th Dec as part of the Mr Splashy tour.  We’ve got tix available for £7 here (£8 on the door). I’d love to see more of the Wonk Fam join us for our Xmas party.  Strawberry daiquiri’s mostly mandatory!

pie race 2016

Wonk Unit play pie race 2016

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Mr Splashy Released Today

Hi Wonk fans, we are very proud to see our latest creation go LIVE today – the latest Wonk Unit full studio album, Mr Splashy, is released today across the globe.  Punks rejoice!

Available in shiny CD form, as several coloured vinyl editions, and obviously in highly technical digital downloads for your sex making pleasure.

Thanks to all the Wonk fam who come to the gigs, listen to our music, and look after each other.

We are in Germany. We are being treated very well. We even have beds!!! About to leave the wonderful Anyway club in Essen (we love you), now heading to Hamburg- home of the Beejees! Menschenzoo – hamburg – tonight! Come join us for fun and japes xx

Get copies (plus damn fine Wonk Unit t-shirts) in our very own shop here.  Don’t worry, the lovely people at Cadiz Music are handling the postage and packing, so there won’t be a delay while we are away!

Wonk Unit mr splashy tour

Wonk Unit mr splashy tour

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