Say no to Sweat Shops!

Alex Wonk says no to sweatshops

Love J and the No Sweat family. Been doing their bit to make the world a better place since Wonk started.

I’m in no position to preach here, I skate Nike SB and print the majority of our tees on Gildan. However, whenever possible we do use shirts supplied by Punk Ethics and Wonkfest merch is printed exclusively on their ethically sources threads.

Aint a major ballache and genuinely every shirt does make a difference.

Alex x

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Massive stock update on official Wonk Unit Merchandise

Wonk Unit I Love My Vagina t-shirt

We’ve been very busy (well office Wonk Krispy has, along with our friends at Cadiz music) – the shop has been given a right royal overhaul.

Lots of new stuff, old stock available again – stock levels probably right too!

You might notice we’ve updated most of the images too – recognise the two models at all?

Get your grubby mitts on the merch here.

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