Tommy Leaves Wonk Unit – New Drummer Required!

Tommy leaves Wonk Unit

Bonjour naughty seahorses! Ok so guess what, we are looking for a new full-time drummer. You need to be in rehearsing distance of London and available to tour (and be prepared to be broke). I also can’t deal with big drinkers or big drug users (because I’m in recovery so bare that in mind before getting in touch.
You’ll get to travel the world, you’ll get to laugh your tits off. You’ll be looked after. You’ll also get paid a bit but best of all you’ll be in a band with Pwosion!!!
We start a huge year of touring in March 2019 so plenty of time to learn the 100 odd songs we play. We are an incredibly serious band but we don’t take ourselves as people seriously ya get me.
Being in Wonk is genuinely the best thing in the world. Look forward to meeting you! Get in touch.

Alex x

My time with wonk unit has come to an end! Perfectly amicable, and still friends! Going to dedicate my time to other things, like following wonk unit around and heckling them from the front ? But seriously, it’s been brilliant and iv’e had a great time, and wish the band the best of luck in the future! Some things just naturally come to an end I guess! See you at all the punk gigs starting with Jeff Rosenstock this Thursday ? Peace  Tommy xx

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