Bit o Politics; Our Government

I look at our current government,all the hate and damage I see them bastards dropping on those not fortunate enough to be born into money. And it feels exactly like when you see a fuckin nutter on the street givin shit to folk. And you think, I’d love to sort that cunt out ( but you don’t because it will just lead into more trouble than it’s worth). You kinda feel shit about yourself, your own weakness.
This is how our current government make me feel. Like a cunt.
Yes, it seems that all politicians are bred from the same stock these days but never before have I felt such sickening hatred towards that waxy Cameron puppet and co.
This government has to be voted out. I’ve always voted labour (but the Green Party seem like nice folk too).
The last labour government transformed London. All it’s parks and beautiful open spaces. The city you walk through now was a grey needle strewn shit pit whilst the Tories were in. You know those litter free Newington greens where all those yummy mummies go with Tarquin and Noah and do their Pilates. Well they were boarded up and closed under the Tories.
I really don’t know about politics. I’m just a bricklayer that sings in a band. I’m not clever bout these things.
But I did watch the last labour government make it a better place for the likes of me (on a low income) to live in.

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