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The Raging Nathans, are punk rock collective out of Dayton, Ohio, featuring members of The Queers, The Dopamines and The Slow Death. Having originally met back in 2007, at an all ages show, the group started discussions there and then on forming a new punk rock band. The day after, they got together and wrote two songs, which went on to be the foundations of The Raging Nathans. Heading in to the Spring of 2018, The Raging Nathans will release their second album ‘Cheap Fame’ through UK label, Plasterer Records. In support, the band will take to the road this April with UK Punks, Wonk Unit, before returning to Europe again this Summer.

‘Cheap Fame’ features 13 tracks of melodic, up-beat punk rock, reminiscent of mid-90s Green Day and the Golden-Era of Pop-Punk Rock. Drenched in melody and hooks, ‘Cheap Fame’ is an infectious record that will remind you of all of the good times throughout your teenage years, for all the right reasons.

The album artwork for ‘Cheap Fame’ was crafted by legendary collage artist Winston Smith. Smith is renowned for his work for punk rock legends Dead Kennedys and collaborations with Jello Biafra, as well as designing the cover artwork for Green Day’s ‘Insomniac’ album in 1995. “We wanted to just be in a good punk band.” said guitarist and owner of US label Rad Girlfriend Records, Josh Goldman. “People lump us in with pop punk bands but personally I just think we are a fast melodic punk band. And thats all we wanted to be. It started as a side project because we all had other things going on at the time. Now it’s our main focus.”

‘Cheap Fame’ is a record inspired by real life and personal loss, described by the band as “From the heart”. Throughout, there remains an underlying stream of positivity. “It’s how you use the fucked up things that happen to you in your life and channel them into something positive or at least something cathartic.” continues Goldman.

The Raging Nathans are a true and honest punk rock band, valuing and honouring their roots and ethics in an age of ‘fake it until you make it.’ – Real champions of the US DIY scene. “What you see is what you get with us. We don’t care about kissing ass to get successful. Fuck that. We are gunna keep putting out records and playing shows until we can’t anymore. We just want the people who listen to us to feel like we are being honest with them, and thats very important for us. No one in this band has a huge ego. We are grateful for every opportunity that we get.”


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