2014 Year of the Wonk

Wonk Unit and Meansteed at Pboro gig

So we finished our Wonky year of gigging in the delightful Maidenhead last night where we heavily sexed up the crowd!! You should have seen them! They were tooooo horny for us!! We thought we were going to be ripped apart like what lions do!!!
Luckilly we were able to pacify their horny loins with something like a 30 song set!! Lovely gig, lovely people! Thank You the MAidenhead!
What a brilliant year 2014 has been for us! We’ve pretty much gigged every weekend since Nervous Racehorse came out in MArch!!! It’s been BRILLIANT!!!
Got one last acoustic bash at the Brixton Windmill on the 23rd and that’s it for the year!
2015 is already looking busier than ever. We are already proper booked up to November! Mental!!
We love our Wonky lives and Wonk fam!! You lot are the BEST!!!!!
Love you all very much, FOR REAL!!!
As Jesus said to the children, ” Look after the boys with dusty shoes! for they are richer than a crock of gold!”
Yes! That’s you!! You are like Jesus speaking to a group of school children about shoes!!”

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