Wonk Unit in the USA: Lexington

We are touring the USA – catch us in one of our shows!

International punk show at Best Friend Bar! $5, 21+

Arms Aloft (Eau Claire, WI) – Crazy good high-energy midwestern pop-punk. Pair with tall boys and fist pumps.

Guerilla Poubelle (Paris, France) – Melodic French punkrock. Gritty and catchy. Sing-a-long without actually knowing the words, it’s fine.

WONK UNIT (London, England) – UK skate/pop punk. These guys are insane and sound like Millencolin, which I googled to see if anyone else has made that comparison and it turns out they just toured with Millencolin. Neat.

The Raging Nathans (Dayton, OH) – Our best friends in the world. Fast and melodic pop-punk. That’s all you need. They’re also very attractive, physically.

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