Malcfest 2014

Wonk + 59 others!

September 7, 2014 Charing, Kent (ENG)

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Venue : The Bowl Inn
Address : The Bowl Inn, Egg Hill Road, Charing, Kent, TN27 0HG
State : Kent
Zip : TN27 0HG
Contact Website :

60 acts ( ish )
First FULL Weekend of September 2014
Arrive Thurs 4th – Leave Mon 8th.    WONK PLAY 7th Sept.
The Bowl Inn, Egg Hill Road Charing, Kent TN27 0HG


malcfest?! – some of you may ask…

Making Something From Nothing
(malc’s blurb from the 2011 program)

Hi all. So it’s been a while and I must say I am chuffed to bits to be back on the horse. Especially considering just how supportive everybody has been. So many people volunteering to do stuff, so many people performing… I suppose I get a bit sentimental about it all but this really is a tribute to DIY and making something from nothing. This would be nothing without the community that makes it. That includes the bands (obviously) who in some cases have traveled 1000s of miles, it includes the crew who build, maintain and staff it. It includes the pub, our hosts, for their patience and generosity, and the local community for their tolerance and supportive interest. And it includes all the artists, designers, people who have lent us their equipment, comedians, printers, local businesses. Then who can forget Kim for her rum punch, Spike, Zakh, Andy K, Si, Ems, Ned, Bass and all of the characters, everyone who makes this ‘vibe’ and have done since the beginning. There’s the Morris (3 sides this year), oh yeah, and then there’s the beer!

Yep I could prattle on about all that for a while. But there’s a dark side to it too. Making something from nothing is amazing, just that it can be done. And i think that’s made all the more relevant because it’s so difficult to get paid in the creative sector. Musicians are service provides just like anyone else. So are artists and comedians, lets make a long list… Music is so cheap these days, often it’s completely free! Ha and I am genuinely happy when people download, share or rip off my tunes, because at least then they’ve got them. Even so, self expression and creativity is not just something for the shelves of hobbyists, and real talent with a body of work which is truly worth experiencing is worth so much, and unfortunately in this country, it is paid too little. So here’s my hypocrisy: I’m paying none of these bands, not a single one. If I did the festival wouldn’t be free, it wouldn’t be here and it wouldn’t be anything like this, it’d be something different. So I propose a toast: here’s to a long life and great success to all of us for making something from nothing. This is our event and our celebration of what we have. And what we have to share.

Cheers folks. Have a goodn. – malc