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Trolleys thank you / Wonk Unit Saved My Life

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Trolleys Thank You / Wonk Unit Saved My Life

Band :
Title : Trolleys Thank You / Wonk Unit Saved My Life
Release Date : November 9, 2011
Catalog ref. : WONK002

Featuring possibly the sexiest ever album image?  Or possibly darkest?

Well Trolleys Thank You….first of all started…the name Trolleys Thank You came from an ex girlfriend of mine who used to go out and take photos of all her friends naked in the middle of the night yeah? They’d all go out, drink cider, go around the streets and she’d take snaps of them with their cans of Strongbow and their fags yeah? They’d be in Sainsburys car park and she’d put up a blog with all her little girly mates and one of the pictures was brilliant. It was just this girl, Fiona, sitting in a trolley in just a little pair of knickers, Benson, cider and she was just underneath a Sainsburys Trolley bay that said Trolleys Thank You. I loved that. I thought that photo was brilliant and was like “That’s the name of the album”. Then literally two weeks before the album went to press I phoned her up just to make sure it was still ok for us to use that photo and it turned out that some-one had stolen those photos from the blog and made a fake facebook profile with this girl with her breasts out, so she’d got a lot of crap from it, so she didn’t want us to use that photo, so that’s why I’m naked on the front cover, because I recreated it, or tried to. That was me on the way to Sainsburys car park, in the lift. So we did half the album with Duncan and then when Tommy, Tommy who was the Wonk Unit guitarist, then he got arthritis and he couldn’t play anymore, so  I just finished it off with me and Adam, just did it ourselves. So that’s that. – from an interview with Alex (full interview here)


1 Guts
2 Friends Forever
3 Different
4 Always The Same
5 Not Mine
6 I Hate You
7 Los Angeles
8 Photos Of The Tired
9 Back Of The Van
10 I Just Love The Way
11 The Places
12 Singing At The Seaside
13 How We All Laughed
14 Running
15 Bleed With You
16 One For The Mrs

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