Roughneck Riot Birthday Bash 2016

Since last years gig was so much fun we’ve decided to do it again.. To celebrate what will be 11 years of us managing to be a band we’ve invited a load of our friends to come and play our hometown. This is an all ages event at the awesome Pyramid Centre, tickets ar £10 adv (more info on where you can buy will be annoounced soon) or £12 otd.

6 – 6.30 Grolschbusters
Our Dutch friends! Premium Punk est. 1989! An infectious mix of punk and brute rock’n’roll with a dash of folk. The Grolschbusters are rude, raw, tight and melodic. Fat punk rock straight from the heart, for nearly 25 years.

7 – 7.30 Holiday
4 piece melodic punk band playing happy songs about unhappy things.

8 – 8.30 Rasta Four Eyes
Rasta4Eyes are a collective of musicians from Merseyside & Greater Manchester who combine dub reggae rhythms with the power and energy of punk and the danceable grooves of ska. The live show contains jaw-dropping sax solos, harmonica, melodica, and sweet vocal harmonies – all glued together by a solid rhythm section.

9 – 9.30 Smokey Bastard
Formed in early 2007, Reading-based Folk-Punk outfit Smokey Bastard started with the intention of being the UK’s answer to the likes of Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly. Smokey Bastard are now ready to release their third offering, “Back to the Drawing Room”. With a more progressive approach to rhythm and song writing, Smokey Bastard are pushing the limits of what you thought Folk-Punk could be.

10 – 10.30 WONK UNIT
“One of the most unique bands in modern punk rock. Wonk Unit are a fresh breath of life in the London punk scene. They’re fun, weird, poetic and utterly compelling all at once, a must-see.”

11 The Roughneck Riot
By no means a traditional folk-punk band, Roughneck Riot have been making their mark on the underground punk scene for over a decade with their heavy, melodic sound. Drawing influence from a menagerie of folk, punk and hardcore bands and praised for their high octane live performances, they’re intent on highlighting socio-political issues of the 21st century to a new generation of punks.

6.30 – 7 Hello Mabel
Female acoustic folk twosome from Warrington featuring members of Roughneck Riot and Fish Bastard.

7.30 – 8 Jordan Thomas
Solo set from John Player Specials frontman!

8.30 – 9 Paper Wings
5 piece folk-punk street band from Liverpool with members of Bolshy and A Fish Called Bastard. Consisting of a Mandolin, Violin, Double Bass, Guitar, Cajon and vocals by everyone!

9.30 – 10 captain hotknives
Acoustic comedy fun from Yorkshire.

10.30 – 11 Billy Liar
‘Scotland’s finest angry young man turned incredible storytelling acoustic punk poet.’

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