Wonk Unit June 2017
Horn E DTF

Daddy Wonk

Daddy Wonk used to be in a band called The Flying Medallions back in the early 1990’s when the punk scene was well underground.  They kinda crossed over into the mainstream and the music press would get themselves into a right tiz over the chaos they caused.

Riots and chaos at every show.

But live by the sword, die by the sword…

The chaos caught up in late 95 when the band suffered a fatal tour bus crash in France. Bassist Dougie didn’t make it and MC Mr Stephen suffered critical injuries (He made a full recovery).

Toby Sure DTF


They released the album “We love everybody and everything’s great” in 1994. (now available on Itunes).

The name Wonk Unit came about like this:-

About 5 years ago,myself and original Wonk axe man Gavin “Mad Dog” Kinch were laying a crazy paving driveway.

It was miserable,cold and wet,and then it started snowing on our sorry asses, and i looked over and said;

“Look at us,we’re a right f**king Wonk Unit aint we!”

Steely Ham DTF

Tommy Wednesday

“Wonk Unit” we exclaimed.
What a great name for a band.
So there you have it.
A reference to the cold pathetic miserable and depressed.
A description that sums us up perfectly in no way whatsoever


Wonk released their 4th studio album (Nervous Racehorse) which was released back in March 2014 on Manchester punk label TNS Records.

Wonk Unit’s amazing 5th studio album “Mr Splashy”.  14 brand new banging tracks from your favourite 21st Century Punks was released on 23rd Sept 2016, followed by a world tour to promote it.  Available in our shop as CD version or old school vinyl.  Lyrics here.

The band are constantly touring the UK and beyond, winning new fans and friends as they go – and their gigs are always good fun.

WONK UNIT are (updated June 2017)

The band can range from one or two acoustic,  more normally a 4 piece, but often in a 5 or 6 piece set-up at larger gigs.  As long as Alex is there, you have the heart of Wonk Unit!

Alex “Daddy” Wonk – vocals
Tom Wednesday -drums
Pwosion -Bass
Kenny Razzle – shredding guitar
Ed Koral – Keys, Guitar, trumpet, market saleman
Jess Mystified – guitar
Simon Short – keys
Mad Dog Kinch- Keys
Krispy Brown – Office Wonker
Oli – bone
Gemma – Cello
Duncan- drums

See Discography for bands previous releases. 


Jess Mystified – sometimes Wonk (keys, guitar, vocals)