Exclusive Art Prints by Alex “Daddy” Wonk


Limited edition art prints, signed and numbered by Alex Wonk

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Exclusive Art Prints (12×8″) drawn by Alex “Daddy” Wonk.  Five different prints to choose from.

Signed and numbered printed by Alex himself.

£10 plus postage

These were like the blue prints to the big paintings I done for Rebellion. I actually prefer these. Pure Wonk art. Bolts of inspiration, created in seconds. Signed and numbered 1- 50.  I’m gonna use these designs for my skateboard company Cement You Cunt Skates rather than as Wonk t shirts (apart from the Dino). Everyone can relate to rubbish showers and not being arsed to cook (fuckin dinner). Grab em quick. These are first edition originals. Look after em! X

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Labia, Cunt mouth, Shower, Porche, Dinner


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